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Antevasin is a bilingüal space designed to explore life through creative and transformational tools. We host well-being events and retreats around NYC and latin-américa

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_Well-being retreats (5).png
_Well-being retreats (5).png

Antevasin is a Sánskrit word that literally means "one who lives at the border" an "in-betweener", someone who is constantly between old thinking and new understanding. 


Join the next experience!


Join the next retreat!

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What Community Says

Antevasin Retreat was an experience I will look back and be forever grateful. I was able to give my mind, body, and soul the rest it always deserves. I was able to let go of anything that no longer suited me. I was able to be one with nature herself, and as a floral artist that means so much to me, my inspiration comes from her. The food was so soul-fueling there was not one bad thing to say about it all! Antevasin was a safe space and to me that means everything. Thank you for creating a space for women to come together to just simply BE."

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Maga Villarreal is a Brooklyn-based Latina who started bringing people together to her small living room in Crown Heights to talk about mindfulness and how to manifest the things we want in life... and that's how she started Antevasin!

Since finding Yoga and Meditation in 2013 in her hometown, Venezuela; she has been learning these practices from different teachers and schools over the world, including training in NYC, India, and Nepal. 


Her teachings and coaching are focused on creative ways to incorporate different traditional practices into the modern world with an accessible approach for everyone.

Meet Maga at a Sound Bath at the beach during a breezy summer evening, by taking a class at a local studio, traveling to a retreat together, working 1 on 1 with her, or in one of the pop-ups in your city!

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