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There's a feeling every time we look at the pictures we took while traveling, that let us travel again through the memory, and that's one of the most magical things about photography.

Especially those moments that inspire life, and that capture us, being the best version of ourselves.

There are also moments we wish we had someone there taking a picture, and that's when YOU come to join us!

The Trade x Travel program allows a photography/videography artist to join our trip in exchange for documenting the experience.
This is a non-paid gig but would serve as an opportunity for traveler photographers to build their portfolio as well as enjoying of a one in a kind experience crafted by The Antevasin Movement
You'll be responsible for the digital work, flight from/to destination, and all travel documentation expenses, visas, fees. We'll take care of lodging and food. 
You are welcome to join the well-being retreat experience and have the freedom to participate or not in activities, we only ask you to bring your camera most of the time, and simply, work and travel!

Image by Annie Spratt

Interested in joining us for this program? email us at with the subject SHOOT X TRAVEL and submit in the body of the email 5-7 photos that you feel represents Antevasin's overall aesthetic

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Only serious applicants who understand and accept this is a trade for travel program. The candidate should possess own equipment and have an accessible online portfolio and have or is willing to get the necessary travel documents required for destination

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