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Unwind The Mind

This upcoming summer, we are keeping the Antevasin Retreat experience, local.

Rockaway Beach, NY is the perfect destination to Unwind The Mind and integrate different

well-being practices in our life while having a ton of fun and connecting with other

like-minded minds that are part of this community!

Unwind The Mind is a well-being retreat designed to destroy the mental seeds that are no longer serving us, and create space and fertile ground to plant the ones we want to flourish...

Spend a weekend with us, resting, relaxing, and resetting!


Meditation will be our ideal tool to explore for this retreat. Through this practice, we train (or untrain) the mind towards our personal goals. Unwinding the mind means liberating from what is no longer serving us and rewiring our thoughts to promote inner-healing and personal growth

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Rockaway Beach is known for its Surf Culture. We will experience a local adventure to not only help you connect with nature, but will also be a great way to face fears, connect with your inner child and remind yourself to have FUN!


Movement through Yoga is a way to be present with the body. We will move slowly and steadily. Join us for a Sunset Yoga session at the Beach to stretch the muscles and restore the body after our Surf Sesh!

Yoga on the Beach
Image by Julio Lopez

Sound Healing

Experience the benefits of Sound through the entire weekend. This practice will recalibrate our mind and body to their natural state. Feel relaxed and rested afterward


This retreat is an intimate experience for only 8 guests! Community connection is a great way to expand our minds, connect and bond through similar experiences, this is an experience that we are co-creating and YOU are the most important part of this retreat!

Yoga Group
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Save the date!

July 22-24 (SOLD OUT)

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