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Many people think that meditation is:

  • Sit cross-legged to breathe

  • Make an attempt to blank your mind

  • Listen to a guided meditation

Meditation is a tool for the mind, and you have to know how to use this tool in order to meditate "correctly". If you ever heard that there's no wrong way to meditate, then question that, because if you tried to do the things listed before, that's not necessarily meditation.

Through Meditation we are habituating our mind to different qualities. Knowing what meditation is and what is not, it's crucial to this practice.

Like everyone on this path, you will find obstacles, obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to reach an “out of normal” state of mind. In this course, you will learn the most common obstacles and how to resolve them, which will incredibly support your practice. 

Through the Meditation 101 program, we will study the fundamentals of meditation practice and learn the mechanics of how it works in the mind, if Meditation were something simple, everyone would try it, don't you think?

Meditating is not just sitting with our eyes closed and not thinking about anything, behind the practice there is a whole mechanism that if we learn, we can sustain it for a long time and effectively obtain all the benefits that we know so much come from Meditating!

You will learn:


  • What's meditation and what's not?

  • Where does meditation come from

  • Why we Meditate

  • How to Prepare for Meditation

  • Training the Mind

  • The Meditation Roadmap

  • The Stages of Meditation

  • The Cycle of Meditation

Meditation 101 Program includes:

  • 11 Pre-recorded Lessons

  • 4 Guided Meditations

  • Assignments

  • Lifetime Access To The Course

  • Maga's support through the entire program and beyond!

This class is for you if:

  • You want to understand the foundations of the meditation practice

  • You want to learn ancient cool stuff (philosophy, linage)

  • You don't know where you are in your meditation journey

  • You don't know if you are meditating "right"

  • You want to investigate your mind

  • You are curious about meditation

  • You are a Yoga Teacher or facilitator who wants to add additional knowledge to their classes

  • You don't know how to advance in your practice

This class is not for you if:

  • You already practice meditation and you are not open to new techniques/styles

  • You don't believe in the benefits of meditation

  • You think you know everything about meditation

  • You don't have an open mind

Your Teacher at Meditation 101

IMG_2729 3.JPG

Hi friend! My name is Maga Villarreal. I'm a teacher, a well-being coach, and the founder at Antevasin.

I have been studying and teaching the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing for over 8 years, I studied in great schools in India, Nepal and New York City and I'm excited to share what I have learned with you.

In this program, I teach you what I consider essential to understanding the practice of meditation, in a fresh way, respecting the foundations of this ancient teaching, and how to adapt it to modern life.

I hope we connect through these practices!

See you soon!

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